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"It's easy to take your clothes off... but can you undress your heart?"


This piece is based on an article by Bashea Williams ...The concept itself is thought provoking, asking why is it that so many are willing to get undressed physically while keeping our hearts and feelings under wraps. The piece is self explanatory, but has deeper meaning when viewing the posture of the undressed couple in romantic embrace, while their fully dressed hearts appear disinterested in the matter.


There are hidden messages found in the locks of their hair.



Look closely. 👀  "Give my body... defend my love", she tells herself. Is this a subconscious decision she's making in order to protect herself from being hurt, or is this her choice because she's not ready to fully undress her heart?



Look closely. 👀 All the essential things they must balance in order to have a lasting connection. Can he read what she needs from him emotionally as well as he reads her physically? Even if so, is he willing to do so if it means he must "undress his heart"?

"Undress Your Heart" 2017


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