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OUR focus
"We're definitely not your typical father, son, daughter unit... but then again, what's typical?"

A beautiful piece of art can simply be just that... a beautiful piece of art. But when we look at it, we must ask ourselves... does it make us think? Does it make us question ourselves, loved ones, society as a whole? Does it cause us to reflect on a specific point in time, memory, feeling or desire? Does it inspire us, stimulate conversation, or even spark debate? At Slim Smith Art, the focus of our work is to do just that... create more than just a pretty picture. Our goal is to create work that is both eye-catching and thought provoking. To create artwork that will have a voice in a world diluted with superficial images, overhyped advertisements, and just plain ol' pretty pictures . To create work that makes us think, wonder, laugh, and even cry... all the emotions that remind us that we are alive. 

Zoey Simone Slim Smith Art
Zoey Simone

The resident "keeper of attitudes"... a real life energizer bunny gifted with artistic talent and wit that's funny, temperamental, and passionate... Zoey fuels the creative juice behind Slim Smith Art. 

Slim Smith Art Logo Black
Slim Smith Art Lil Daddy
Slim Smith

Artist, preparer of meals, snacks, and beverages... a glorified caterer. "I just work here." 

Lil Daddy Slim Smith Art
JayChris Slim Smith Art

Nerd status to the thousandth power, Peanut manages the technical aspect of Slim Smith Art. He's the mastermind behind all strategic initiatives ranging from production and distribution of content and social media marketing to the hiding of said meals, snacks, and beverages while creating large piles of laundry. Dude is a true workhorse... Aaaaaand he's not to hard on the eyes, so they say. 

Slim Smith Logo Black
Lil' Daddy

The boss, CEO, chief, leader, el capitan... basically the brains behind the operation. 

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