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We as a society have to come to grips with the fact that the enforcement of our legal system involves the "human element"... leaving it open to all of our inherent flaws and vulnerabilities. This means bias, prejudice, fear, intimidation, and hate cannot be ruled out. With that said, why wouldn't those responsible for the implementation of our law be scrutinized and held accountable when they fall short of our expectations? Or could it be that our expectations are not aligned with those "in power"

The characters shown here represent our governing system in efforts to humanize their image. By doing so, my hope is that we stop defending them as an infallible organization and begin to explore opportunities to improve upon them and make them better. (From right to left) "Charlie Law"... represents all forms of law enforcement. "Judge Hammer"... represents all levels of the court system. "Uncle Sammy"... represents the government as a whole.


The young boy represents those that are most likely to be exploited by such a system. His youth represents his level of self awareness when compared to a mature system that was put into place long before he became self aware. The water gun represents his futile attempt to find security in his ability to defend himself.


There are far too many symbols and references in this piece to name here. We'll post an in depth review of the piece in an upcoming blog. 

"The Trap" 2017


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