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"Dipped In Glory"

Acrylic on Canvas

"True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul."


              -  Audrey Hepburn...


Surrounded by a pool of shimmering gold, she floats with her head high and shoulders back, embodying her fluid nature. Inspired by the sheer dopeness and strength exhibited by women all over the globe, "Dipped In Glory" is visibly as reflective a piece to gaze upon as it is in an artistic sense.





Check out the perspective video above to see how her warm skin tones play against the golden backdrop, creating a beautiful dance on the surface of this piece. 




GP Season2.jpg
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The person that created Instagram must have have been an artist... either that or an obnoxious, selfie- takin' narcissist. Regardless, what better way to quickly share what we're up to?! Follow us at @slimsmizzle ... See our most recent posts below:

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